The official press conference of HIME

Under the patronage of the prime minister Dr. Haider AL-Abadi and direct supervision of the minister of health Dr. Adela Hamoud held the official press conference of HIME the exhibition and conference for specialized medical services in the ministry of health building in the presence of the minister and other decision makers of the ministry.

As the minister announced the conference and exhibition goals, invited all related sectors in the healthcare system as well as companies and scientific bureau to participate in HIME, spotlight services provided in specialized medical centers and discuss national healthcare policies related to all medical specialties and current investment policies with ways to improve the services through the effective partnership between the governmental and private sectors.

The minister also mentioned that the commission of tertiary centers was established by approval of the prime minister specifically to improve services at speclizied medical centers. An official website of the commission is to be released on the upcoming days so that the commission have direct communication with the general population and mass media.

The minister emphasized on the importance of effective partnership between the private sectors presented by the local and international companies and their communication with members of committee representing the ministry attending the exhibition.

Also, the head of commission of medical tertiary centers stated that the conference and exhibition have an exceptional importance during this period in which governmental efforts or directed towards improving healthcare services in Iraq through productive dissections with participating local and international companies

Ph. Ahmed Hameed Yousif head of state co. For marketing Drugs and medical appliances (Kimadia) that stated major international companies are preparing for their participation in the exhibition like Phillips and several other companies. And he emphasized that the exhibition is an important gate way for companies to discover partnership opportunities, display their products and participate in policy changing discussion.